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Writing a book will change your life - we are here to make sure that happens.


We have a concierge service to cross 'book' off of your bucket-list.

We promise to keep your focus on having fun while writing your story.

We take care of the rest.

Books let imaginations run wild,

they let people know they are not alone in this world,

and they pass knowledge on for generations. 

The world needs more books.


What we provide.


Weekly Writing Mastermind.

Amazing things happen when like-minded people, sharing a common journey, get together.


Writing Coach.

We pair you with a writing coach to bring your ideas to fruition in an impactful way.


Final Edits.

Poor grammar and punctuation can spoil a book. We ensure you have a flawlessly edited book.


Cover Design.

The face of your book is important. We pair you up with a professional artist to bring your dreams to reality


Publishing & Distribution.

Your book will be available globally in both E-book and hard-copy formats.


Marketing & Sales Support.

Our authors write books to help others. We help you define and reach the people who need your writing the most.

Why do you write?


There are two major drivers for our authors to share their life-stories - business and legacy.


A book that fuels growth for anyone in the knowledge industry. The purpose of a business book is to showcase what makes you special and your abilities within a specific domain of knowledge.


The major benefits of a business book are:

Build your mountain of credibility.

You have written the book on “XXXX” topic.

Speaking and work opportunities.

Public relations opportunities.


A book that passes on your life-experience and values for a lifetime. The purpose of a legacy book is to document your life and provide a guide to others on a similar journey to you.


The major benefits of a legacy book are:

Ultimate fulfillment from helping others advance in life.

Speaking opportunities.

Passing along a roadmap of success and learnings to be carried on.

Think you have what it takes? Get your checklist to start writing.


Who we are.


Our Publishing Team.

Calvin Simpson

Founder, best-selling Author.

John D. McDonald

Editor, writing coach.


Our Authors.

Are you ready to write?


Want to cross book off of your bucket list?

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