Daryl Des Marais: Changing Your Path: Goals & Technology for Entrepreneurs & Professionals.

In this e-book, you will hear stories from a social media entrepreneur about overcoming challenges and changing your life. Included is a story about community, purpose, and outside perspective. Another chapter describes how a full-time RN started a small business while raising a family of three children and became a successful business leader without any previous business leadership experience. A professional motivational speaker, business centre leader, and entrepreneur will discuss a story about your mind and getting over fears and frustrations and seeing more clearly. A consultant, past venture director, and transition specialist will share a story about how he helped a long-term military veteran start a successful business to support his family after retiring from the military. A professional engineer, MBA, CEO, and five-time serial entrepreneur will discuss mentoring for millennials and a new technology site for mentorship. A business-building incubator leader will discuss technology sources. Finally, a business change agent will discuss goal setting, alignment, and realignment for individual entrepreneurs and business mapping with tips for online social media and business growth.

I Grew up in a small Canadian town with no money, no high-level contacts and, no expectations.  I worked hard for my the family and enjoyed time with everyday friends; working together in sports, school, arts and the work environment.

I learned from other seniors in the community and, contributed where I could. Whether it was just shovelling snow on a driveway or, hearing a story from the past.  I took every day and every week as a challenge. Learning from the success of others, failing on my own many times, and continuously learning to be more successful and appreciative every day.

Dad always said Never give up. Mother was always quiet and would never give advice, she was always there to provide support empathetically and be a good listener.

I believe their is a tremendous opportunity for youth to make changes in this world. Constructing  a place they desire to live in that would not only benefit themselves, but society as a whole. I believe they have answers to problems of global nature, nature, environment, technology and productivity concerns.

I believe they can also accomplish this while living in a balance world and at a quicker pace than we currently can. They may not need to complete an entire degree and end up years in debt, but at any time in their life. Even before or after high school. I have seen so many stories of youth helping their friends around them, stepping up in their community, and helping the sick or less fortunate.

Youth can be leaders, even if they did not have years of experience or failure. I believe the pace of education has changed. People can take a hold of their dreams and reach for greater success at a quicker pace; solving problems not only for themselves, but their communities.

I started an import and export business in high school. Now all my friends are business leaders that have come from all walks of life, with a variety of challenges and stories that I can learn from and appreciate more every day.

I have helped entrepreneurs in a wide variety of industries including restaurants, retail, service, hospitality, online business, industrial business, non-profits. I believe that in learning new technologies, we as a society will also learn new ways of thinking about our planet.

I still believe that we need to respect the past and the lessons of history. Observing and learning from the past needs to become more relevant again as we have gone through a phase of global company expansion.

We need to remember some of the great advantages of small regional cultures and how they add to the tapestry of the universe and the diversity of all peoples. We can never stop learning from each other. We are continuously acting out a play with diverse characters.

We need to individually understand, listen, respond and act with more measures of reason as time evolves and society evolves.

- Daryl Des Marais