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The purpose of Lyndsie's book "39 Keys To Success: For The 39 Forever Mom" is to ensure no Mom ever loses sleep worrying about their children's finances.


I'm a mom who spent years worrying about money and it was awful. My promise to you is that I will help you start replacing your money worries with knowledge & action right now. I spent 10 years working as a hairdresser. For 9 of those 10 years, I was self-employed. For 5 of those years, I was also a single mom. I loved doing hair and I loved the flexibility my business gave me to spend loads of time with my baby boy, but I always knew I could make a deeper change in people's lives. Not that a great hair do isn't an important change, because we both know it is VERY important!! But the world of finance was calling me.

How did I know this? After graduating high school, this small town Canadian girl knew only three things about money; you work for it, you spend it and you save some. Growing up in an outdoorsy family, we spent lots of time quadding, horseback riding, moose hunting and boating and very little time talking about how money works. I used to think “saving” meant burying money in a coffee can in the back forty or hiding it under my mattress!! The concept of putting money to work instead of just trading hours for dollars wasn’t introduced to me until I was 20. A business owner client was sitting in my hairdressing chair one day and he asked me what I thought about the idea of owning my own salon one day. The conversation moved toward investing in other people's businesses. He quickly realized that I had no idea what he was talking about and suggested I read a book called "Smart Couples Finish Rich". My passion for investing began while reading that book.

Years later, when my son was in kindergarten, I was offered an incredible opportunity to train as a financial advisor. I began completing the required courses and was soon hired by a large international investment firm. The beginning of my career as a "financial advisor" wasn't an easy phase of my life. My only compensation was from selling financial products like stocks and life insurance. I was frustrated that I was being pushed to work with only "high net worth" folks who had mastered the art of cash flow management (or had somehow acquired a lump sum of money), because they made my bosses the most money.

I wanted to help those who were like I had been: hadn't yet figured out the basics of money management. These were the people I truly cared about because I knew they weren't getting the attention they deserved from most of the large financial firms. Although I have many high net worth clients who I care about as well, the needs of my high net worth clients are more complex and thus require one-on-one coaching.

I have chosen to dedicate this website to those who want to learn money management basics. As you climb higher up the net worth ladder, and you will, your finances will become more complex and you'll require one-on-one coaching to ensure you are aware of your tax and estate planning options.

Back to my story. Inevitably, the investment firm and I parted ways. Barrie Financial Consulting was born. As I began making a difference in the lives of my "Mom Clients", it became clear that I had to work harder to share my knowledge with MORE moms. Turns out, I didn't have to work harder, just smarter. I began writing. I got the bugs out of my writing by blogging and posting articles on LinkedIn.

In January 2017, I published my first book, called "39 Keys to Money Success for The 39 Forever Mom".


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