Build A Following Without Being "The Expert"

I recently had the pleasure of returning to the It’s Time To Sell podcast with Chris Spurvey. In this episode, we share the benefits of writing a book and largely focus on how to write in a way that authentically connects with readers. Oh, we have a few laughs along the way as well ☺ If you are a writer, or are thinking of writing a book one day, make sure you listen to this episode.

Listen to the episode here

A few tidbits for your reading pleasure:

Share your process, not your expertise

The internet is full of experts dishing out recipes on what it takes to be successful, claiming to know all there could ever be on a topic. This writing takes the form of “You should…”, reading incredibly prescriptive and void of emotion. The positioning portrays a “I know it all...” closed mindset, implying the writer is at the end of their knowledge journey. Anyone who thinks their knowledge journey is over will become obsolete very fast. This style of writing makes it next to impossible to create a genuine connection with the reader.

To truly connect with the reader, writing needs to take the form of “I did… “, sharing the process from past to present. This form of writing lets the reader know they are on the same journey as you; you are just further ahead in the process. Instead of doling out recipes that look like: you have to do x and z will happen, start telling stories from the perspective of - I did x and z was what happened. I suggest you try the same process. The connection to your writing will be amplified when you share the process, not just the end-result.

Share the mishaps

Our knee jerk reaction when we fall in public is to immediately hop up, look around and make sure no one was watching. Then walk away hurriedly, covering up the mishap like it never happened. This is the exact same when we falter on our journey to improvement. Growth with no failure seems sexy to share, but in all reality, it is boring to the reader and un-relatable. No one gets to where they are without a few bobbles along the way. It is also my perspective that if you are not failing, then you are not trying hard enough. You are not testing out your maximum potential. Embrace and share the mishaps along the way, we are all craving to hear them!

Besides creating a stronger connection with readers, I cannot tell you how much easier life becomes when you start laughing at the mishaps. In this episode, I share my recent faux pas backing into a pole in an empty parking lot. Chris shares a story of throwing a coffee out onto his driveway, then slipping on it the next AM, giving himself a concussion.

Listen to the episode here  

Chris also shares his number 1 piece of advice for gaining a following and the first step you should take to start growing your platform. Oh, Chris sold 60,000 books last year so I’d say he’s a credible resource on the topic.

- Calvin Simpson (HAPPFUL founder)