Create World Class Ideas With This Simple Process

Ideas arise so clearly, we think it will be impossible to lose them. Yet, they vanish in the wink of an eye. They inspire change that will alter our lives, then fall drastically short of our expectations. They spin circles in our heads, enticing massive action, yet they never leave the couch within our mind. Ideas, if we could only better harness them, so as to not lose them. If we could only keep fresh ideas from going stale. If we could only garner the motivation required to take action on these ideas. This concept is all possible with one simple solution.

Idea distillation. 

After struggling through all of these issues on a daily basis, this is the process I developed. This process has allowed me to come up with some seriously impactful writing and approaches to life, and I know it will produce the same revelations in your life.

Into The Bucket (capture)

As you meander about your day, ideas will come and go. Some will exit your mind nearly as quickly as they entered. Some ideas will be so ludicrous that they will bring a smirk to your face. Others will spark a light-bulb and require additional brain power.

The light-bulb ideas are the ones you need to capture in the moment. Document the thought to a place it will not be easily lost. Scribble it on a napkin or type a note into your cell phone, whatever you do, just get the thought down fast. At all costs, avoid trusting your memory, it stands too high a risk of being lost and faded there.

Next, choose a high visibility area to collect all of your thoughts. Think of this step as throwing all your ideas into a bucket, the good ones will rise to the top and the poor ones will sink to the bottom. Whether it be electronic, big sheets of paper, or whiteboards, just make sure your collect these thoughts in a location you will see at least once a day. I personally use whiteboards. We are however not all the same, so try numerous locations until you find the best fit for you.

Triple Distilled (Clarify)

Once you have selected a central spot to lay out your thoughts, section it off into three parts. Label the three parts in succession of increased quality. Think something along the lines of “world-changing ideas”, then “solar system-changing ideas”, and finally “galaxy-changing ideas”.

The first area is where all your new ideas will go for 1 week. During this week, you will be inspired to add to thoughts to this list as you see them daily. Remember, your thoughts are in a high visibility area, which gives you the opportunity for daily reflection. As the week goes on, assess whether the thoughts are worth spending more time on. If so, move them to section 2 (solar system-changing ideas).

If there is no future in the thought, erase it! If the thought is truly valuable it will come back into your mind. The last thing anyone needs is for mental hoarding to dilute our key thoughts. Rinse and repeat this method all the way through to section 3 (galaxy-changing ideas). By the end of week 3, all thoughts that have made the cut must have action plans placed on them. 

Pop The Cork! (Take action)

Triple-distilled premium thoughts are now ready to be served up! Sounds easy, but what’s next? Assign the smallest possible action you can take towards your idea and execute on it. Let’s use this blog post as an example. The smallest step I could take towards making the idea a reality, was to plan my major delivery points. You may have thought the first step was to write the entire post. That would be overdoing it from the start.

As a rule of thumb, your first step forward should only take 20 minutes. Big tasks, especially in relation to new ideas, can appear overwhelming and decrease the likelihood of you completing the task.

Choose a 20-minute task and get started! Once you knock this task out of the park, keep the ball rolling into the next task. Before you know it, you will have massive momentum built and your world-class idea will come to fruition in short order.

Develop world-class ideas by sending them through the idea distillation process. First, capture the thought so it is not lost in a sea of questionable ideas. Next, filter the good ideas from the not-so-good and grow your ideas over a three-week period. Finally, pop the cork on only your best, most pertinent ideas, and witness their potential unfold. Note that though some ideas will fall short of their lofty aspirations, others will soar to heights you never before thought achievable. This is the glory of creating!

Cheers to your freshly distilled ideas! Always Be Creating (ABC)😊

- Calvin Simpson (HAPPFUL founder)