#14 - Trusting Your Instincts

Filip is changing the world by training, conditioning your mind and developing a โ€œdeep workโ€ structure. Connect with him below and learn first-hand on how to connect to your true purpose. 

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[02:05] โ€“ Your next chapter

[03:08] โ€“ Making people connect to their true purpose

[05:33] โ€“ A blessing in disguise

[08:10] โ€“ Real life consequences

[11:10] โ€“ Procrastination is a productivity killer

[12:40] โ€“ Deep work

[13:38] โ€“ Attention residue

[16:02] โ€“ Training your concentration

[16:51] โ€“ Comparison of cellphone to gambling

[17:38] โ€“ Productivity tip

[19:12] โ€“ Whine your mind down

[20:50] โ€“ Self awareness โ€“ Connect with your body and emotions

[22:03] โ€“ Self love exercise

[24:20] โ€“ 21 Days challenge

[26:40] โ€“ Training and conditioning your mind

[27:45] โ€“ Power hour

[28:46] โ€“ Reset your mind if youโ€™re having a bad day

[30:30] โ€“ Breaking a routine

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