#9 - Mr. Nothing Is Impossible

[01:36] Mindset is Everything

[02:45] Importance of being able to put yourself into the situation

[05:11] Do or Die Mindset for Motivation

[06:19] Unlock your Mind

[08:00] Focusing on Body Language / Physiological side to get yourself into a better state

[10:47] Three Step Process to put yourself into a peak state

[12:15] Power Posture

[13:00] Working with younger generation

[13:33] Social Phenomenon

[18:22] Influence of People surrounding you

[21:03] Give more than what you can get. Give back!

[22:11] Connor’s Legacy that he wants to live

[22:31] When you’re having a Bad Day

[26:12] Motivation Psychology

[26:33] Micromanaging

[27:26] Why can’t I create the life that I desire?

[28:36] It’s not love but it’s the energy

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