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You have a book inside, but you just do not know where to start.

Time keeps passing by and the little voice in your head keeps saying “someday”, but someday never comes.

Year after year goes by and your story stays hidden from the world.

This ends now.

Your new chapter begins, 2017 is the year you write your book.


Myself (Calvin Simpson) and my team of book writing and publishing experts have an offer for you:

We promise that if you let us help you, we will keep your book writing process fun from day one until the end of 6 months when you'll have your very own book in your hands.

A book that lives forever.

A book that inspires.

A book to be proud of.

Take a moment and imagine it now… The back cover tells your own story, intriguing the right person to dive in and take a journey of belief, inspiration and learning. Flipping the book over, you see the cover of your dreams and title to your story, right above YOUR very own name. This magical moment is the exact scene you will be living 6 months from now if you commit to yourself and our team.



Getting started.


I still remember the day I put my foot down and said, “I am going to write a book!” At first, it felt great. Then I realized I had no idea how to write a book. The thoughts running through my head were: “What will I write about? My grammar is awful! How do I fix this?” I even tried sitting down for one weekend to write the book; I crashed, but I did not burn. I did not let this hold me back from my dream. I persevered, built a team around my weaknesses and in April 2016, released a best-seller, and more importantly, a major piece of my legacy. I sold 1000 copies in week 1, filled an auditorium for a keynote and then took a step back to look at all I had accomplished.

After the launch, doors of opportunity started opening with podcasts, interviews and connections to people I never before imagined talking to. But more importantly, something I did not expect started happening again and again. People going through rough patches in life, or who had moved through tough times, started reaching out to me. I had people from all walks of life letting me know how much my story had helped them.

I learned that many people in this world believe they are alone with their struggles in life and by reading my story they had found connection and inspiration to move forward and thrive. This powerful, priceless experience is my motivation to help others write and publish their books. People need you to write your book more than you know.

2017 is your year to write a book. Myself and the rest of the team at Happful are going to hold you accountable to fulfilling your dream of writing a book from the moment you tell me. Each member of the Happful Team has published his/her own book and know how to support you from idea to launch.

Contrary to popular belief, the most important piece to writing your book is not more information on HOW IT IS DONE (although we have that). If more information was the solution, we would all be billionaires with six pack abs.


The 2 most important pieces of the book writing puzzle are:

1. Instilling the belief that writing your book is indeed possible.

2. Having a support system to make it happen. Nothing great was accomplished alone.



Calvin was featured on the It's Time To Sell Podcast with Chris Spurvey. In this episode, they go over how to tell your story in a way that builds a raving fan base. Chris sold over 60 000 copies of his book last year and brings incredible value to the conversation.


The overview.


We have the entire book writing success system. All you have to focus on is writing your masterpiece. Everything you need is included in our weekly sessions to ensure you:

Develop a structure and flow to your writing.

Market your message efficiently & effectively.

Do an amazing job of the entire Amazon publishing process.

These steps, combined with key relationships, will keep you focused on writing and having fun all the way to making your dream come true.


The team.


Just like you, everyone who is on the team at HappFul has a story of adversity in their own life. The editing team all have their own books and know the writing and publishing process inside and out. Our support team of developmental editors, copy editors, motivators, formatters, designers and marketers are by your side for the entire 6 months. You will be sitting down weekly with at least 1 of the team to make sure your book progresses and more importantly, you are having fun with the process. Writing a book, just like life, is meant to be enjoyed.


The commitment.


At 6.5 hours per week we will have your book out to the world in 6 months! We chose 6 months because this is an incredibly manageable pace. We set you up for success. This is the turnkey book writing package including all you need to have a published book in your hands and available to an audience worldwide.

If you have read this far, book your free 20-minute consultation below and let's take the next steps to crossing “write a book” off of your bucket-list in 2017. 

- Calvin