Now is the time to write your book, no more letting another year slip by. We want to help you become the next Brene Brown or Tim Ferrris of the world.

If you have the passion, but do not necessarily have the time or know-how to write a book, our full publishing support team could be the perfect fit for you. We support first-time authors through writing, designing, marketing, and promoting their books. All within 9 months.

Our promise is to keep you accountable to your dream and to remove all the minutiae from publishing, so you can focus on bringing your message to the world in a big way. If this sounds like support you could use, fill out the form below for a publishing consultation.

We will be performing 4 no cost consultations per month (regular price $450), on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


I can tell you that if I did not engage in working with Calvin and his team, I would likely have never finished (or even started) - Nancy Smith, Author of Social Citizens, a Positive Approach to Social Media and Parenting in a Digital World.


Prior to stepping into our program, Nancy was unsure if she could write her own book. After 9 months of 1-1 coaching and support she launched her book to a room filled with 50 people and pre-sales cresting 100 copies across North America. In her first week, she sold 200 copies, surpassing the average number of books sold by first time authors in their lifetime. We could not be happier to develop Nancy's voice and message and kick-start her dream career - Calvin Simpson, Founder of Happful.

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